Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mirror, Mirror (Reflections from Week 1 of Bootcamp)

Every night before her bath, I let Elena stand on the bathroom counter and look in the mirror.  Sometimes she wears a diaper. Sometimes she's as naked as a little jay bird. Either way, she loves it. 

And it's quite the comedy show.

She grins, giggles and squeals with delight. She snorts her nose, stomps her feet and smacks her tiny hands on her pop-belly like it's a drum. Then, she presses her palms against the glass, and moves in closer until she's nose-to-nose with herself. She simply can't get enough. She loves what she sees; her very own reflection.

Miss Elena giggling at herself in the mirror.
Can you imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself that way? 

Practically giddy over your own reflection?

As a woman, I can't help but wonder when my daughter will look in the mirror and see herself differently. Right now, she is happy with herself. Right now, she loves herself. 

As her mom, I hope she'll always see her own beauty.

Is that realistic?

As her mom, I really, really hope so.

But, as a woman, I know my daughter will eventually learn poisonous words, like fat and ugly.

Will she ever use those words to describe herself?

As her mom, I pray she doesn't.

As a woman, I know she might.

I want my little girl to feel comfortable in her own skin. I want her to be confident. Assured. Motivated. Determined. I want her to look in the mirror and like her reflection. I want her to see herself the way I see her: beautiful and perfect just as she is.

Lord knows I struggle with insecurities. I have plenty of hang-ups about my looks. My body. (Don't we all?) But I'm working on it.

I'm one week into my seven-week bootcamp adventure (four workouts so far!), and I already feel different. I already feel better.

Do I want to lose weight? Absolutely. 

(Thank you, Captain Obvious.)

But it's really about much more than losing weight.

It's about creating change.

Physical? Yes.  

Mental? Most definitely.

And as much as I am doing it for myself (my own self-esteem, my own health), I'm really doing it for my daughter.

As her female parent, I'm her greatest influence. She will mimic my behavior, my attitude, my opinions. She'll pick up my mannerisms. She'll copy my language. She doesn't realize it yet, but little girls often become their mothers. And since that's the case, I owe it to my daughter to be the best version of ME.

One of the greatest gifts I can give my daughter is a confident mother.

(Annnd, that's what I learned during week one of bootcamp. Intense? Very.)

If you live in Knoxville, and want to join the bootcamp fun, it's not too late! Here's Sarah V.'s Under Armour page. You can read her blog, here. And, finally, you can join the group on Facebook, here.


Lea said...

Aww! Awesome, awesome post Melinda.

As a boy Mom, I feel like I owe it to Noah to teach him what to look for in a woman. Kind of along the same lines....

I'm going to come this week for sure!

Erin said...

I loved loved loved this post!!

Sarah Van Sickle said...

This is absolutely much revelation to be found here. You are absolutely's crazy that the way YOU see your daughter and the way YOU YEARN for her to never see herself as anything other than gorgeous and special and amazing, that that is the EXACT mentality God has towards US!!! He is so saddened when we don't see ourselves the way He did...He did MAKE us afterall....

NoMoreExcuses said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Makes you think, and empowers CHANGE! I am honored to have met you though the workouts, and I love reading your blog. KEEP IT UP GIRL! :)


Holly said...

Oh lady, I feel the exact same way! When I am happy with myself then I can be a happy mom!

I hope you're having a great week!

Laura said...

Love this!! Thanks for posting. Great thoughts and reminders.

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