Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me (sans coffee)

I was planning to post "Our Love Story" this morning (a blog-land linky party hosted by Becky at From Mrs. to Mama). But, honestly, I am not in a lovey dovey mood today. I desperately need to go to the grocery store (like, must happen today, because we are completely out of food). Anyway, my dear, sweet, hard-working husband used ALL of the remaining milk last night for his effing protein shake. Know what that means? NO COFFEE for moi today. Know what that means? I am ONE CRANKY WOMAN.

(And, NO, I don't have any creamer. I've been out creamer for days now. Like I said: we are in desperate need of groceries.)
Moving on...

I had a text conversation with a good friend last night. Went a little something like this:
Me: It's a good thing I "married up." Otherwise, I would be a TV reporter on welfare. But "famous" nonetheless. 
Friend: Speaking of, are TV reporters date-able?

Me: Sure. TV reporters are date-able. They just have ridiculously abnormal schedules. And journalists are sociopathic, narcissistic, ego-maniacs. If you date one, I will be a great resource for you.
 You can't make this stuff up.
Speaking of ego-maniacs (kidding, y'all... just needed a transition). Have you seen Beyonce's post-baby body? She look amazing. Sure, she's booby. And hippy. But so am I, and there's no way in hell I'd be seen in a dress that tight.
Finally: I know y'all are on Pinterest. (Who isn't these days?) Well, I'm pissed at Pinterest. Mostly, I'm pissed at Pinterest's search function. IT IS GOD AWFUL. It doesn't matter what I am searching for, every search garners, like, three results. It's so annoying. (Does anyone else have this problem?) Annnd, I'm also sick and tired of their server errors. Hey, Pinterest: you're a big, fat, popular website now. Get a better server.

That's all for now.

(And, yea, this is me sans coffee.)



The Smiths said...

I'm having the exact same problem with Pinterest! Its so annoying!! I hope they get that fixed soon.

Erin said...

WELL! Aren't we miss cranky pants this morning :)

Beyonce looks amazing!

Lea said...

I have the same problem with Pinterest. It's annoying!!

I think you deserve to treat yourself to Starbucks this morning!

Jennifer P. said...

This post is awesome! The pinterest thing? COULDN'T AGREE MORE. The site allllwaaaays locks up on me and I am now on a hiatus because it makes my heart rate do things it shouldn't! :)

grlnxtdoor said...

I read the best tip the other day!! It said to stock your pantry with evaporated/canned milk so you never run out for those absolute essentials when you need it (like morning coffee!!!). GENIUS, right?!

-Megan B.

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