Sunday, October 16, 2011

No More Kid $h!# (Mama's Night Out)

Last weekend, my good friend Will (this guy) sat with me at the Tennessee vs. Georgia football game. We both love cheering on the Vols. But we also love to talk. Not sure which we love more. Probably talking. Our conversation went a little something like this:

"Mama, I really miss you."

(My college friends refer to me as Mama Mellie, by the way.)

"I know. I miss you too, Willy."

"Nooo. I really misssss you."

(I'm pretty sure Jim Beam was doing more "talking" than William.)

"I read your blog everyday."

"Aw, really?"

"Yea. It's on my favorites list. And I still read it, even though you only write about kid shit now."

"Oh. Well, thanks." 


"I think."


I am obsessed with my child.

I blog about her a lot.

My friend Becca said it's a good thing my baby is cute, otherwise my blog would be really terrible.

Man, I have great friends!

No, really. I do. I love that I can always count on them to be completely honest with me.

A bunch of the crazies (i.e. best friends from college) came to town this weekend to watch Tennessee get slaughtered by play LSU. Fun times were had by all, beginning Friday night with Mama Mellie's first "night on the town" since becoming a real-life Mama. We planned to have one or two drinks. But (as always), one drink led to four bars and a 3:30 a.m. bedtime. I felt like I was in an episode of my new favorite TV show, Up All Night. I kept saying things like "My baby will be awake in four hours!" I'm pretty much exactly like Christina Applegate. 
Me, Brittany and Becca
Will and me
 Some of my very best friends.
Third bar stop for the evening. And, yes, that is a PBR. Like college all over again.
Casey, Will, Michelle and Paul

 Being silly.

Still being silly.
Of course the night ended at Cool Beans.
Are we too old for Cool Beans? Yes. Fitting end to the night? Absolutely.
Big thanks to my sweet husband for taking on full-time baby duty so I could play with my friends. And big thanks to Russ for being our designated driver for the night! Next up: "No More Kid $h!# (Tailgate!)" ...I know you're on the edge of your seat.


Pink and Green Moms said...

That's great that you got to go hang with your friends!

Will said...

I love it!!!

April Westerhold said...

Ha! That's what happens when we become Mommies. Glad you got a night out!!

april@Party of Five

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