Friday, January 7, 2011

Peace Out, VY

Anyone else sad to see Vince Young get booted by the Titans? No? I figured it was just me. 

It's not because I think he's a great quarterback (clearly, he's no Peyton). And it's not because I think he's hot ('cause he's no Eli). It's because we were totally friends. Yea, I'm pretty connected. I am friends with a lot of famous people (only in my sick, twisted mind, really).

See, VY and me, we fist-bumped once.  Actually, I tried to shake his hand and he went in for the fist bump. Awkward, I know. But it kind of felt like insta-friendship.


At the 2009 VY4Kids Golf Tournament (clearly, a work-related thing). WHY do I look so dang excited? How embarrassing.

Anyway, I guess I have to say "peace out" to my ol' pal, VY. Too bad. So sad.

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