Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Miss C's Pretty Pink Nursery: Part 1 (of, like, 500)

Remember when I said I didn't want an all-pink nursery for a girl? And, then, remember when I changed my mind? Yea, Little Miss C. is going to have quite the nursery, folks. It will be quite girlie. And quite pink.

Not too pink though. I'm going for an understated, sophisticated look (you know, because clearly my daughter will be verrry sophisticated). No bright pink. No hot pink. Nothing too overwhelming to the eye.

But pink is pink, after all. And it's just an in-your-face kind of color. So, what can you do to make pink a little less so? Pair it with soft, subtle gray, of course.

And, that's how I fell in love with pink.

Here's a little taste of Baby Girl's nursery-to-be...

In the words of my girl, Candice O., "how divine."
Pink & Gray Nursery


Becky said...

Very classy! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Can't your dad find any NASCAR stuff in pink?

Jennifer said...

Not sure if you're familiar with Tuesday Morning, but I was just there yesterday and saw the sweetest frilly pink pillow with a similar gray/silver one to go with it! They would be perfect for your nursery!!!

p.s. I'm now obsessed with YoungHouseLove and also Bower Power!! Check out her dressing room (about halfway down the page) on this post: http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/house-tour/

Life at the White House said...

oh my stars... how are we just now becoming blog world friends??!!

love this nursery inspiration!! and YES, i am so happy to share the gray paint info with you!! we used two shades of gray...one for the stripes in the room and one for the closet (i'm tellin' you...gray is a weird color and hard to get it just right in various lighting, etc.).

i'll find your email on your blog and email it to you shortly!

ps - you are adorable. as in i would like to steal all of your maternity clothes [and can i have your hair color too....mine has highlights and i'm not loving them at the moment]. so - here's the swap.... i'll trade you paint colors if you'll tell me the color you use on your hair (or is it all natural and you're just blessed?!). ;)

so glad you said hello!!!!!!!!!!!! adding you to my blog roll now so i'll keep up!


Brantlieherring said...

Where are the ottoman and night stand from. I love both of these pieces. I'm currently putting a nursery together as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas so cute!

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