Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Lights at Opryland

Last weekend, my dad and Cathy came to Nashville to 1. deliver my puppy dog after his long stay in Knoxville while we were in Antigua, 2. visit the hubster and me, and 3. take in the holiday sights of Nashville (which means we toured the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, of course).

The hotel just reopened last month after devastating floods destroyed much of it in May. With extensive repairs, you'd never know what happened there just a few months ago. Of course, the place was packed with locals and tourists (apparently the Christmas lights at Opryland are a big deal).

It was our first visit to the hotel, and honestly, we weren't uber impressed with the decorations. Yes, it was definitely cool,  but we expected lights and Christmas trees covering every corner. I'll cut Gaylord some slack this year; I mean they've been through a lot in 2010, and they're probably just focused on reopening the hotel and becoming a viable business again. Nonetheless, it was a super fun outing with my dad and Cathy!

Here are some of the sights (and lights)...
Giant Christmas tree outside.
 These trees are my fav.!!!
 Inside the hotel...
 Dad and Cathy
 Another inside shot...
Jonathan and me
 Beautiful glass art. It's not Chihuly, but still cool.
Giant poinsettia tree!

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